Bettjemans Transformative Techniques for Grey Hair

Bettjemans Full Lightening and Foxing techniques, or simply a modern and fresh cut, provide the answer to the frequently asked question: What do I do with my grey hair?  To go grey or not to go grey…As seen in this series of Mindfood magazine articles – Grant Bettjeman shares his transformative techniques for keeping clients styles modern and fresh :

What the media say:

Mindfood – Back from Black
MIndfood – Get Foxed!
Mindfood – Grey is the new gorgeous
Mindfood – Cutting Edge Technique

For a great, cost-effective way to get expert advice before committing, Bettjemans offer a 15-minute makeover consultation with a senior stylist for $50. If the work is then carried out at the salon, this amount is deducted from the final bill.